'a spellbinding slice of ethereal alt-pop brilliance’ - Happy Magazine, AUS

‘a unique sound that is immediately addictive' - Out Magazine, USA

‘Your Ghost is an accomplished piece of work…. it's the type of music Kate Bush would be making, if she was still making hits!’ - Indie Shuffle

’Channeling similar-sounding acts like Florence and the Machine, Bat For Lashes, and MS MR, the songs expertly ride the line between the past and the expansive future horizons...we wouldn't be surprised to find them gaining a foothold right here in the U.S. very, very soon.’ - MTV Buzzworthy, USA

‘Dance in the Rain… what a tune. Yacht rock for the 21st century’ - John Davis (mastering engineer: The Killers, Led Zeppelin, Dua Lipa, Lana Del Rey)

‘…. with Sydney’s Jess Chalker on guest vocals (and what vocals they are) accentuating some really engaging and warm production’ - Tone Deaf, AUS

"dreamy and addictive" - Culture Collide, USA

“a pop tune of some sophistication that sounds a bit like Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush re-imagined for the disco, albeit a rather mellow and fog filled one…. If it had been released in 1985 it would have been an FM smash” - Breaking More Waves, UK

’disco wrapped in huge swathes of melancholy. You’re dancing. But tears are falling. Icy drums and shards of synth float around Jess Chalker’s emotive vocal. It’s an intense few minutes.” - When the Gramophone Rings, UK

’...all the hallmarks of a Bat For Lashes or Ladyhawke track...the sound of a mid-eighties classic" -
Your Music Radar

‘Vocalist Jess Chalker channels a combination of pop powerhouse Annie Lennox and the smooth and subtle Jessie Ware’ - Who the Hell, AUS

’Jess Chalker and Ox Why interweave the refreshing bluish crush renowned of Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith with a breezy contemporary aesthetic to ensure it transcends time’ – Dots and Dashes, UK

’Vibes, along with synths and a dreamy guitar, flow right in and out of this song. It's like a dancing ray of sunshine.’ on Sparrow (Culture Fires remix). Thump/Vice (global premiere)